Sunday, December 16, 2018

Our Holidays

I'm so happy it's the holiday season! 
Arizona is so beautiful this time of year. High 60's, low 70's and every sunset knocks your socks off.
Its so nice most days during the day we can just lay out on the grass in shorts even though it's December. It doesn't feel like winter
 We've sat out by the fire several nights. It's a good way to relax because we've both been having anxiety lately.

 The kids are really good at playing fetch now. This is their favorite toy. She was laying on it after they fought over it so she had to make sure Jake didn't get it.
Them playing fetch

 3,000 Days exactly

I figured out when it had been 3,000 days exactly since our first date and we went to a restaurant with a view to celebrate. I gave him a watch as a present
This place is called top of the rock, and it's a restaurant built right into the side of a mountain.

 It was really fun!

 Shilo and Fishing

They went fishing together because Shilo and Tara were in town. They had a good time.


For thanksgiving we went down to the "SV" and saw my dad, shelly, topher and kara. It was so fun, we hiked, ate, and went to bisbee!

There was a festival going on. Such a picturesque town!

We got fried oreos!
We played a lot of games. The kids still peed in the rocks even though he has grass there lol they aren't used to grass anymore i guess
We went on a beautiful hike

The 3 of us ran the last little bit. Trail running is so much more fun than just walking

We went and saw the wall at the border of Mexico
my phone sent me this text because it thought i was in mexico lol
There's the wall!
This good pizza restaurant in bisbee

mariachi band in bisbee
This was us at the big meal!
This is us playing the just dance video game

Sleepy kids

After we got back from my dad's they slept for like 3 days straight. They weren't allowed in his house so they just cried all the time lol so they were tired. 

Happy Birthday to Nick!

We went out to a cool restaurant in Phoenix with nick and gianna to celebrate his birthday and it was so fun. Such good food, company, and atmosphere. It was a great night.

One of Dilly's many game nights

His name has now become "dilly dilly" like the beer commercial. Because it was dyllis before, and we shortened it. 
When Dallin has to travel for work it makes me sad
Even when it's winter I can have breakfast outside because it doesn't get that cold here

Working on the house

I am staining the staircase and the back of the front door still, but I'm almost done.
Its turning out good I think. it updates it a lot more than we realized

Another Pig sighting in the front yard

We love trail running

And we live in such a great area for that. We are so close to the mountains and the river and lake. 
Isn't it breathtaking? I loved it.

After that we grilled out and watched the sec championship game
It was fun. The end when nick saban almost cried was so cute. It was cool that hurts got to play again.

So many shows.

The last 2 weeks we have had 3 rehearsals and 4 shows. It has been rough. 

My job for the first one was to record it
rehearsal for the winter spectacular
During the show at the W.S.
The kids did great, but it was a very stressful experience for me.

Another Trail run

Different trail. Jake did awesome!

We've apparently missed our callings in life

Dallin was laughing about how I told him that in high school we had to take a career aptitude test for a class and I got carpenter. lol So we both took a test again to laugh at how stupid those things are. Dallin apparently needs to be an auctioneer and I need to be a head hunter. He made fun of me for saying I didn't know what that was but it sounds morbid. When I guessed again I guessed that they sell the heads of deer that people hang on their walls. lol 
Then Dallin practiced and he can actually talk really fast! haha
We have fun together. 

Watching the Voice

Best quote from the evening, "Will you pause it? Because one thing I've observed over the years is that if I talk during the show you tell me to go cut myself. And if I sing along during the show you get mad, no matter how much I like the song." 
LOL dallin loves his singing shows so I'm not allowed to sing because he gets really into it

Our birthday gift card

We went to outback and reminisced about our 2nd date there and me almost dying because I choked on the steak. 
Look how fluffy and cute they are.

Here's some honesty for you...

Lately I have felt like I'm losing a game of dodgeball to life. There's like 20 guys over there pummeling me with dodgeballs and I'm the only one on the other side just getting hit over and over with different things. I have not liked my work recently. And I have felt rather attacked by parents at the school. I'm just trying to make it to christmas break and hopefully come back rejuvenated. When I get emails from parents it gives me so much anxiety that I can't sleep. So then it's worse because I am stressed, anxious, and also sleep deprived. If any parents are reading this out there, please just be kind to the the teachers who teach your kids. Their job is hard and they do the best they can for your kid and 300 others. All this stress has given me a cold/flu type sickness. And I NEVER get sick. 
  #igiveup    #can'tmakeeveryonehappy    

 Our 2018 Family Pictures!

I wanted to get new pictures, but life has been so busy that I didn't want to spend the time or money to do it. (We are about to have to drop lots of $$$ at the Vet for these 2. So I didn't want to pay a photographer.) When we were there for Thanksgiving, Shelly said she wanted pictures for Christmas so I finally had an excuse to get it done. We loved the spot that we went trail running at so much that we just went back there to take pictures. Dallin set up our camera on a tripod and we literally did all of this for free. I am so glad we did it because I love them! At at time when I've been pretty pessimistic it was nice to step back and realize the beauty of the world around me and be grateful for my cute Dilly and J's. I didn't know it had this, but my laptop already had editing stuff on it so I just picked the best ones and edited them quickly. It was nice because it lets you pick what printable size you want too. Anyway the whole process was only like 2 hours. 

OMG so fluffy!
They are so good at taking pictures.
I didn't have something blue she could wear so she is literally wearing one of my tank tops lol
The girls.
Can you believe this is in our back yard?

This one is Dilly's favorite

I'm so lucky to have his guy.
He's the best.
Anyway, one week till we get to relax a little bit! I am excited for Christmas!

-Sydney 😄